ESDC for Companies

Care for your employee’s safety on the road. It’s the law.

Why your Company needs the European Safer Driver Course

Employee Safety

By ensuring your employees are safer drivers, your reduce their risk of accidents and reduces the number of work related injuries. Our course helps you fulfill your duty of care to your employees by ensuring they have the correct training.

Cost Reductions

When your employees complete the ESDC your costs reduce. The reduced risk could be reflected in your insurance premiums, lower operating costs because of fewer collisions and days lost through injury. ESDC delivers a return many times over.

Legal Requirement

European Framework Directive 89/391/EEC requires that all employers undertakes a risk assessment on road safety measures. The law is clear: an organisation has a legal duty of care to an employee, regardless of vehicle ownership.

60% of work accidents occur on the road

Why the ESDC is great for your Company

young drivers

Online Learning

Your employees log in and watch the easy to follow, engaging video lessons. They can watch them at anytime at their own pace from any internet enabled device. Then they complete the online assessments.

new drivers

Admin Dashboard

An easy to use Dashboard shows you the progress each driver has made on each module, their scores, and who has completed the course. It tracks when they last completed a vehicle check and that their licence is valid.

senior drivers

Digital Certificate

Once all of your employees have passed all Assessments, you can view your European Safer Driver Company Certificate online. Simply email your insurer a unique link to your Certificate to receive your discount.

Company Cars

Using the roads is a necessary part of our working lives. But it’s an ordinary activity that leads to an incredibly high level of injury and death. It is estimated that in Europe six out of ten work accidents resulting in death are road collisions, including both crashes while driving for work and commuting crashes.


  • If you have employees who drive company cars
  • You have an obligation to ensure they have received adequate training
  • Our ESDC for Companies achieves that
  • And your employees are safer on the road

Grey Fleets

When a driver uses their own vehicle for work, these vehicles are known as the ‘grey fleet’. However, they are still under the responsibility of the employer. Duty of car, occupational Health and Safety, and Road Safety Compliance are all legal requirements. You are responsible for answering questions such as:


  • Does the driver have the right skills?
  • Is the driver’s licence valid?
  • Is the vehicle suitable for the task?
  • Is the vehicle well maintained and suitable?

Why the ESDC is great for your Company


Easy Set Up

We Set up your Account and Dashboard


Zero IT days

Cloud based so you don’t need IT time


Quick Start

We email log in details to your people


On Time

We help your people complete the course


Safer Drivers

We make your employees better drivers


Fewer Collisions

Better drivers have fewer bumps and crashes


Fewer Injuries

Fewer working days lost due to inujury



Fulfill your Road Safety training obligations

Get in touch to keep your employees safe on the road